You’re planning a beautiful celebration of romance and intimacy.

A celebration that captures the essence of your relationship and the love you hold for each other.

You already know you’ll want to hold on to all the sacred moments throughout your wedding day, soaking up the beauty and magic and love surrounding you because , somehow, through all the romance and excitement, it will be over in the blink of an eye.

Instead, we capture and bottle it up, all those feelings and emotions you’ll go through, all the love and joy and intimacy you’ll experience throughout your big day

So that you can relive every detail with the same depth and soul you experienced them the first time

With photos that speak to more than just the day’s events — photos that share and evoke the extent of love and excitement and joy you felt moving through it all, too.

Let’s make forever magic together

My hope is that your wedding photos make all the feelings and emotions you experienced come flooding back, giving you an authentic reflection of yourselves, as art.

Where, for a moment, you can step beyond yourself and experience the beauty and intimacy of your story from my perspective.

A story that’s documented, celebrated and shared through photos that live on forever.

I am here for ceremonies and celebrations that are meaningful and authentic to you, as a couple. I’m here for intimate “I do” by candlelight or a cliffside elopement, tender kisses and windswept veils at sunset. For the love and tears and light in your eyes as you get your first look at your partner.

And if that’s what you want too, I’m here for every single bit of it.

Book me for your wedding

I value collaboration and believe we capture the most authentic and intimate moments in the most romantic way when you’re relaxed and confident.

You bring your unique magic and ideas and I bring the ability to capture it in a way that might stop your heart for a second (in a good way!).

I’ll prompt you or guide you into a more flattering position or better light, when needed, but I won’t direct your poses throughout the shoot.

While every shoot is different, because every couple, wedding and celebration is unique, it’s important that you enjoy my creative style and affinity for moody light  and artistic photos.

This doesn’t mean your photos will be cookie cutter in any way. But they will be aligned to how I shoot and edit photos overall (which I’m guessing you love because here you are!).

I believe in love above all - in our shared humanity that holds us all together.

Love is love is love and every single expression of you, who you love and how you express yourself is welcome and celebrated. If you are a same sex couple I want you to know that working with me is a safe space to be fully yourselves as you express your love for each other.

Love notes from brides and grooms

Sophie brings much, much more to the party than her skills behind the lens. She brings a sense of peacefulness when things feel a bit frenetic.

She calmly takes charge when people need to be herded into the last patch of golden light. She listens carefully and makes your photo ideas feel valid and respected, but also knows where to push the boundaries to get those spontaneous “magic” shots. She knows how to capture sacred moments discreetly, without interruption.

I love Sophie’s natural approach to a photo shoot. She keeps everything very relaxed, while capturing all the best candid moments.

She was wonderful to work with - very patient with our big, crazy family. She really captured the essence of our wedding, and she caught all the best moments of the day, including the exquisite sunset and the rocking reception afterwards.

Sophie made us feel completely at ease. She was able to capture such natural and spontaneous moments from us, which is exactly what I hoped for.

My wedding was magical, but the event was also over in an eye wink! I am so thankful that I have fantastic wedding photos to look back on and that give me an authentic and beautiful reflection of the day. The photos pause all the special moments and allow me to replay it again years after.

About Sophie

Capturing real moments, connections, intimacy, love

Some people say I create magic but really, the magic already exists. I’m there to witness and capture it, so that those moments of magic can be experienced, felt, touched and understood forever.

I’m obsessed with blending storytelling and art - in a way that pushes me to fully experience and grow my creativity and never stop playing with light and shadow.

I see you are in the Eastern Cape, do you travel?
Yes, I travel for work almost every month and I love it.
Do you photograph small weddings and elopements?
Yes, these are my favourite ceremonies to photograph, and I have a special package for mini weddings in the Eastern Cape.
Do you have an assistant or second shooter?
I don’t have a second shooter but am happy to get one if you are having a big wedding and capturing more moments is important to you.
Do you do video too?
Nope, there’s no way I can do both and capture your day with the detail it deserves. I have some videographers that I enjoy working with and can recommend.

Let’s tell the story of love and intimacy and celebration.

Let’s tell the story of you.

I work with couples who believe in the beauty of their story and my ability to help you experience it through my eyes.

If that’s you, let’s start our conversation here.

Weddings start at R18000 (EC) and R24000 (rest of South Africa).

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