Your motherhood journey is a beautiful tapestry of tender, difficult, and loving moments.

These moments might not seem picture perfect but capture your heart and fill your eyes with love as tears and then are over as quickly as they arrived. These days feel so mundane that it’s hard to feel the magic while you’re living them.

The never-ending fourth trimester that does actually end. The long sleepless you never imagined would morph into morning cuddles under the covers. The baby babble that grows into meaningful conversations. The newborns who become toddlers who become children.

And, through it all, you mother.

And it’s never really about how those moments look — the laughter or tears or wrapping that small body into a hug you wish would last forever.

It’s about how they make you feel — how it moves you and shapes you. The swirl of emotion that fills your heart and the memories they’re solidified in.

Let’s capture them

So that’s what we capture. And you have everlasting access to this authentic reflection of yourself and your children, and how you truly experienced that freeze-frame of your life.

While celebrating yourself, your journey of motherhood and everything that means to you.

If that’s what you value and want, I am here for every last bit of it.

Book me for an intimate motherhood session

I want to celebrate you, your body and your journey of motherhood..

And I am passionate about you being able to see and experience the everyday-ness of your role as mother and be able to feel the pure magic of it all in the same way I do.

I’m not just there to snap the perfectly posed family shot — I want to give you memories you can relive forever through photos that document and celebrate your beauty and strength.

While every shoot is different, because every family and parenting experience is unique, it’s important that you enjoy my creative style and affinity for intimate shots and moody light.

This doesn’t mean your photos will be cookie cutter in any way. But they will be aligned to how I shoot and edit photos overall (which I’m guessing you love because here you are!).

I believe in love above all. In our shared humanity that holds us all together.

And I strive to create an environment in my shoots that encourages you to feel empowered in celebrating your body and comfortable sharing your intimate mothering moments.

All emotions and gender expressions will always be honoured and celebrated.

Love notes from mothers

Booking a family shoot with Sophie was one of my best decisions this year. I treasure the natural and intimate photos she captured - they feel like a true snapshot of all of the beauty and messiness of this season of motherhood. Sophie made us all feel so relaxed and comfortable and it was a really special morning that I'll always have fond memories of. Thank you Sophie!

My baby and I recently had the absolute privilege of sharing a morning with Sophie. I'm not very comfortable in front of a camera, but being a single mom means that moments with my son were slipping by without anyone to capture them for us, and I wanted so desperately to have something for us both to look back on one day. Sophie arrived and I instantly felt at ease. The morning flowed so organically; she has a way of fitting in with your morning, whilst subtly directing shots here and there. It felt so lovely to share our normal morning routine with her, though I felt a little nervous that trying to eat cold toast on the kitchen floor, and wrangling a naked baby into a clean nappy wasn't quite the photo-material we were hoping for. When she sent me the collection, I burst into tears - Sophie captured absolute magic in our mundane! Her photos were breathtaking and beyond what I'd ever hoped for or could have imagined. I think they are some of the most precious treasures I own, and worth it a thousand times over.

We all had so much fun and the mad experience of solid mist, being soaked in the waves, sliding down dunes and wading through rivers, all whilst laughing uncontrollably, will be what’s remembered most.

You are truly magical. I am so grateful that you managed to capture our little family in its element. Thank you for capturing exactly what I am so desperate to cling to just a little bit longer.

About Sophie

Capturing real moments, connections, intimacy, love

As a mother I know what it's like to feel like these moments are slipping away. And that's what motivates me to want to capture these sacred moments for you: moments I wish someone had captured for me.

Some people say I create magic but really, the magic already exists. I’m there to witness and capture it, so that those moments of magic can be experienced, felt, touched and understood forever.

I’m obsessed with blending storytelling and art - in a way that pushes me to fully experience and grow my creativity and never stop playing with light and shadow.

How do these sessions work?

Intimate motherhood sessions normally happen at home where you and your kids are entirely free to cry or leak milk or run around naked, but we can also do these sessions in a beautiful outdoor space like a forest or the beach.

You’ll see a lot of tender moments underwritten by a lot of bare skin in my photos. I always aim to create an environment that encourages you to feel comfortable in your body. If you would rather keep your clothes on because that’s a more authentic representation of who you are, I’m here for that too.

Mama, let’s celebrate you.

If you want to book an intimate motherhood session with me, please complete this form.

I’ll be in touch to let you know when I open up bookings for these sessions in your city.

Motherhood sessions are R3500 and 1 hour long.

Thank you! I'll be in touch soon within the next 3 working days.

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I see you are in the Eastern Cape, do you travel?
Yes, I travel for work almost every month and I love it.
I want my whole family photographed. Do you do that?
Yes I do in the Family Connection shoots if you’re looking to have your family photographed.
You can get more information about them here.
What age children are these sessions for?
These sessions work best with babies and small children.