Documenting moments that capture and celebrate an honest reflection of you

The big moments and the small, seemingly mundane ones too. An artistic documentation of not just how those moments looked, but how they made you feel.

So that you can relive every detail with the same depth and soul you experienced them the first time.

I’m obsessed  with creating the sweet spot between storytelling and art.

Some people say I create magic but really, the magic already exists. It’s you.
I’m there to witness and capture it, so you can experience, feel, touch and understand that magic forever.

It’s a collaboration.

I believe we capture the most authentic and intimate moments in the most beautiful way when you’re feeling relaxed and confident.
When you bring your ideas and I bring my ability to capture them in a way that takes your breath away for a second.

When you feel comfortable to just be yourself and I bring a vibrant and infectious energy that encourages it.

When we both bring our adventurous spirits and let the session unfold in a natural, unposed way.

This doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally guide you into better light or a more flattering position.

I will! But I won’t instruct every minute of the shoot and stifle your ability to move as yourself through it, so we can document, celebrate and share your truth in a way that get’s your really excited.

Hi, I’m Sophie and I capture real moments, connections, intimacy and love.

I studied and lectured photojournalism, so telling stories comes naturally to me.

What took longer, and I have been growing and nurturing more recently, is the ability to blend storytelling with art.

I’m obsessed with light and shadow and how they dance together. I see what other people don’t notice and turn it into magical photographs.

When the light starts to turn golden, my children come and call me to take photos in the magical light or chasing dance in the shadows of the leaves on the walls.

I’m deeply inspired by life: being in nature, loving my children, interacting with the community.

I live in Kenton on Sea in the Eastern Cape and being near the ocean makes me feel like I can breathe and inspires me daily, but I also love the feeling of being on the road in search of an adventure.

I photograph weddings, motherhood and family

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