Let’s tell the story of your family.

The story of who you are and the things you love doing together.

And most importantly, the characters and connections between you all.

The story of special bonds and relationships that weave you together.

You already know from the early years that the days may seem long but the months are short. And each new season of your family brings with it a new magic.

A new set of memories and different kind of intimacy.

Let’s capture them

And you understand the value in having this snapshot of your family, as it exists now, to keep and look back on in all the seasons that will still come.

To celebrate what family means, looks like and feels in this moment.

Book me for a family connection session

To really celebrate the essence of your family and everything that makes how you experience yourselves and each other in it special, I let the session unfold naturally and capture authentic moments.

We will secure one posed photo for granny’s wall (everyone say cheese!) but our overall aim isn’t to snap endless perfectly posed family shots. Instead, we usually follow the kids lead so you can have memories to relive forever through photos that document and celebrate a true reflection of your family.

While every shoot is different, because every family is unique, it’s important that you enjoy my creative style and affinity for intimate portraits and moody light.

This doesn’t mean your photos will be cookie cutter in any way. But they will be aligned to how I shoot and edit photos overall (which I’m guessing you love because here you are!).

I believe in love above all. In our shared humanity that holds us all together.

And I strive to create an environment in my shoots that encourages you to feel empowered in celebrating yourselves and each other and comfortable sharing your intimate family moments.

All emotions and gender expressions will always be honoured and celebrated.

Love notes from families

Oh my goodness Sophie thank you thank you thank you. I absolutely adore the pictures you took, they capture our chaotic little family just perfectly. I was so nervous about our rough around the edges house but you made me feel so relaxed. You're incredible at what you do and you have such a beautiful soul. I can't thank you enough, I will treasure photos from both shoots for the rest of my life.

I have no words. Receiving the photographs from you and looking through them feels like I stepped into my soul and am seeing my dream from the outside.

There are so many special things I can share about our shoot with Sophie. Not only she’s a very talented photographer with great eyes and fast fingers, she brings amazing energy to the shoot which makes everyone so relaxed and less self conscious. Her approach is very unconventional which makes unique photos and her photos don’t look like anyone else’s. She finds magical moments and captures them so they last forever. Sophie is also very interested in the people she’s photographing. She read and takes note of the brief which I appreciate very much. We had such fun with our last shoot and look forward to our next family shoots with her for many years to come!

About Sophie

Capturing real moments, connections, intimacy, love

Some people say I create magic but really, the magic already exists. I’m there to witness and capture it, so that those moments of magic can be experienced, felt, touched and understood forever.

I’m obsessed with blending storytelling and art - in a way that pushes me to fully experience and grow my creativity and never stop playing with light and shadow.

How do these sessions work?

Family sessions can take place in your home, in a local park, or somewhere special like the beach or up a mountain.

You can choose a location that holds sentimental value, or somewhere that simply looks and feels beautiful.

I’ve got lots of locations up my sleeve, but I’m also happy to come somewhere that’s special to you.

Let’s celebrate your family.

If you want to book a family connection session with me, please complete this form.

I’ll be in touch to let you know when I open up bookings for these sessions in your city.

Family sessions start at R3000 and 1 - 2 hours long.

Thank you! I'll be in touch soon within the next 3 working days.

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I see you are in the Eastern Cape, do you travel?
Yes, I travel for work almost every month and I love it.
I want an intimate shoot with my children.
If you’re looking for a more intimate session with just you and your child or children, you should book an intimate motherhood shoot.
You can get more information about them here.
I want my extended family in the shoot too.
Extended family shoots can be specifically requested at certain times of the year. Please reach out at sophiesmithphotography@gmail.com and we can chat more about it.