Slow mornings on the farm

When Jen got hold of me, this is what she said "I'm a single mama to the smiliest little baby boy. We have a dog and a cat who are very much part of the family. We love the wild, slow, simple life. I want to remember these early months, and be able to look back at the beauty of the messy first year of hormones & emotions, days without showers, 4am starts, feeding round the clock, milk stains & mom-buns."

Capturing real moments for single mums is something I feel so privileged to be able to do. These are moments that need to be remembered forever and what an honour to spend a morning getting a glimpse of these beautiful lives.

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Est My baby and I recently had the absolute privilege of sharing a morning with Sophie. I'm not very comfortable in front of a camera, but being a single mom means that moments with my son were slipping by without anyone to capture them for us, and I wanted so desperately to have something for us both to look back on one day. Sophie arrived and I instantly felt at ease. The morning flowed so organically; she has a way of fitting in with your morning, whilst subtly directing shots here and there. It felt so lovely to share our normal morning routine with her, though I felt a little nervous that trying to eat cold toast on the kitchen floor, and wrangling a naked baby into a clean nappy wasn't quite the photo-material we were hoping for. When she sent me the collection, I burst into tears - Sophie captured absolute magic in our mundane! Her photos were breathtaking and beyond what I'd ever hoped for or could have imagined. I think they are some of the most precious treasures I own, and worth it a thousand times over.

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