Sophie Smith

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Although I’ve always loved reading and telling stories, I discovered the beauty of telling stories through photographs when I studied photojournalism at Rhodes University. With 10 years experience in many different areas of photography, from wildlife to weddings, the thrill of capturing real and beautiful moments as they play out in front of me is still strong.

Although I pride myself in excellent work and creating beautiful images that tell a story and move you, I bring so much more to your shoot, whether it be a wedding or a family shoot. I am friendly, relaxed and down to earth and love making you feel relaxed and at ease in front of the camera. I will work with your preferences and respect your requests, but I will also probably push you just a little further than you are comfortable to create the best photos possible. I will do my best to capture natural moments as unobtrusively as possible, but I will also help you find what looks best, like natural poses and happy moments. It’s very likely that I’ll let out a squeal of excitement as we are shooting in the last golden sunlight of the day and I glance at my camera and see how beautiful your photos are.

I am based in a small town called Alexandria in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, but have travelled extensively and love exploring new places and meeting new people and cultures and telling their stories. 

This site showcases my wedding and family work, as well as some older brand work. If you would like to have a browse through my journalism work, feel free to check out Spekboom Media.

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What clients have said about Sophie

My husband and I are introverts who do not feel comfortable being in the spotlight. However, Sophie made us feel completely at ease. She was able to capture such natural and spontaneous moments from us, which is exactly what I hoped for. She also had an uncanny ability to make herself invisible during our wedding. I was not aware of her presence at all during our reception but when I received the photos I was surprised by the countless wonderful moments that she had captured. There were no forced or fake smiles, the photos felt like a true reflection of our happy day.

I feel that choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important elements of a wedding. My wedding was magical, but the event was also over in an eye wink! I am so thankful that I have fantastic wedding photos to look back on and that give me an authentic and beautiful reflection of the day. The photos pause all the special moments and allow me to replay it again years after.

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Sophie brings much, much more to the party than her skills behind the lens. She brings a sense of peacefulness when things feel a bit frenetic. She calmly takes charge when people need to be herded into the last patch of golden light. She listens carefully and makes your photo ideas feel valid and respected, but also knows where to push the boundaries to get those spontaneous “magic” shots. She knows how to capture sacred moments discreetly, without interruption, as much as she knows how to respectfully usher the priest out of the way to get the perfect first kiss photograph. She knows that every new couple is dying to see a photo or two and so she sends out a sneak peak in time for the post-wedding breakfast. Best of all, she becomes a very welcome guest at your wedding - making sure that Granny is happy or having a chat with someone who needs company.

We have been priviledged to have Sophie photograph our family twice. On both occasions, Sophie was thrilled with my ideas and worked with us through gentle suggestions and directions, resulting in a gorgeous sets of images that are so treasured. She has a knack for not only capturing beautiful artistic images, but also slices of real life, noticing those little moments that are unique to every family. She was unobtrustive, calm and patient, yet give clear directions and is always willing to work with you to bring your vision to life. Her images f our family are proudly displayed all over our home and I can’t wait to have her photograph us again!